PureGender’s Story

Our three Missions:

  1. To Provide Innovate Products to alleviate your body dysphoria.
  2. Present¬†unfiltered ‘no holds bar’ education so you can get on with life.
  3. Showcase a diverse representation of the TransGender Community

Once you have decided you no longer want to be addressed as the doctor announced you- a ticking clock goes off in your brain. We understand you want information, products and support now. That is why PureGender is here – to serve you – the people.


Would you like to help with our missions?

  • Love writing or illustration? Become a content contributor, helping to educate your community
  • Do you serve the Transgender community? Let us sell your products¬†to our audience potentially increasing your earning potential
  • Are you outspoken? Give feedback to improve services and product lines.
  • Brave enough to be on camera? Let us showcase your story to inspire others – you may save someone’s life by sharing yours.

Have any other suggestions to help with our mission together? Email the team (hello@puregender.com)

Key MileStones 

  • Conceptualised in 2011
  • Official Launch at Manchester’s LGBT Foundation – June 2018
  • You can now contact PureGender in 3 ways – July 2018


PureGender’s Memory Bank




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